Respite Care Vouchers

The HHOVV respite voucher program is funded by the state Aging and Disabled Services Division and provides temporary relief for caregivers. Individuals who do not take time off while caring for a loved one may compromise their physical and mental well-being. Utilizing respite services is one way to reduce stress, allowing individuals to be more effective caregivers. Also, using respite services may delay early institutionalization of a senior loved one.

Vouchers may be awarded one time per year (July-June) and are valued up to $1,000. Vouchers can be used to pay for approved home health assistance, adult daycare and brief respite assisted living stays. Funds are issued directly to the respite care agency once invoice is received and approved.  If you live alone, you will not be eligible for this program.

For more information please contact Respite Care Program Coordinator, Cory Lutz at 702-507-1848

Respite Applications

If you are taking care of a senior in your home and would like to apply for the voucher, please download and print the application packet.

Download Respite Application

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