Your Gift Makes a Difference in the Life of a Local Senior

Your donation will assist senior citizens in Southern Nevada with food, transportation and respite care for their caregivers.

88% of each dollar donated goes to fund these services!

Mrs. Garcia, age 91, was recently widowed and lives alone with no family living nearby. She has no access to transportation and her only monthly income is her $770 Social Security check. Before moving to Las Vegas from Chicago, she was able to walk, take buses and other public transportation, or ride when her husband drove. She had family living within a few miles and money was not an issue. She maintained her health and happiness there.

But now her income is barely enough to pay rent on her subsidized senior apartment. During the long summer, the air conditioning raises the electric bill so much that she can no longer afford utilities, her prescriptions, AND food (even if she could get to the grocery store).A few months ago, she was desperate and did not know where to turn for help. She was not even sure any existed. She was depressed and only had enough food for one meal a day. She was ashamed that after living a full life she was reduced to almost a beggar.

Fortunately, Mrs. Garcia attended a meeting at her apartment complex and learned from another resident about HHOVV’s Senior Food Pantry, and that the food is delivered. After contacting us, she now receives monthly grocery deliveries and has applied for SNAP benefits. The HHOVV delivery volunteer takes the time to sit and talk a few minutes. Mrs. Garcia tells us that she has more energy now, as she is able to prepare her own meals multiple times a day.